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Summer Camps/Clinics

Summer Camp/Clinic Information




June 21-24

5:00 ~ 8:00 pm

Designed for Players of All Skill Levels

Entering Grades 1~9

Learn Fundamental Lacrosse Skills,

Sharpen Your Stick Skills and Have FUN!


DCHS Lacrosse Coaching Staff, Current Collegiate Players

and Current Dublin Coffman Varsity Players

Camp Fee: $75

(Includes: Reversible Camp Practice Jersey & Daily prize Drawings)

Camper Name: ___________________________________Age: ________ Grade In Fall:______

Address: _____________________________________ City: _______________ Zip:_________

Parent/Guardian Information

Name(s): ________________________________________ Relationship:__________________

Home Phone #: _________________ Cell Phone #:_____________ Work#: ________________

In case of an injury please contact me at one of the numbers above. If I cannot be reached at one of these numbers please contact, ____________________________ @_____________________

In the event of an emergency, and no one at any of the above listed numbers can be reached I ( circle one: AUTHORIZE / DO NOT AUTHORIZE the Shamrock Lacrosse Camp staff to seek medical attention for my child.

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE:_____________________________________________

Send Registration, Parent Waiver and Check Made Payable to: 2004 Rocks Lacrosse Camp

c/o Jon Ewert, 6260 Bellow Valley Drive, Dublin, Ohio 43016

Go Rocks!