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Important information on the Mulch Sale

Below is a copy of the most recent newsletter/mailing.....
March 28,2004                                                                                                                                                          GO ROCKS !


Dear Volunteers,


Thank you very much for volunteering for the mulch sale. You are wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!


On Saturday, April 3, you will receive maps of your delivery area as well as customer order forms. The order forms, (the bottom half of the sales sheet) will have the customers name, address, phone number, type & amount of mulch ordered, and directions for the placement of mulch.


To expedite delivery,  we will load any available trucks Friday evening, April 2.  If you are able to leave your truck in the Coffman student parking lot any time on Friday after 3 o'clock, that would be great.  If not, we will load it Saturday morning. In addition, to accelerate delivery, we will have two forklifts and two forklift operators on Saturday. 


The players and drivers should be in the student parking lot at Coffman High School at 8 am. We will deliver mulch until it has all been delivered or until dark.  The goal is to deliver all 11, 500 + bags on Saturday. If this is not accomplished, we will ask volunteers to help finish on Sunday afternoon.


Parents, if you have any heavy-duty scissors or box cutters, please bring them with you. They are needed for cutting the plastic wrap off the mulch skids. Also helpful are brooms to sweep out your truck after all deliveries are complete.


Receipts for truck rentals and gas should be turned into Gayle Schuett, 8506 Stonechat Loop, 718-0085, for reimbursement.


Parents are to drive and act in a supervisory capacity only. PARENTS ARE NOT TO LIFT BAGS OF MULCH.


A Subway lunch for all drivers & players will be served in the Coffman Commons from 11:30 am to 1 pm. Pizza will be available to all drivers & players around 5 O'clock. Drinks and restrooms will be available there through out the afternoon.


Should you have any questions, please contact Kathy Dougherty at (h) 798- 0241 or (c) 657-5386.


Your generous contribution of your very valuable time and energy is much appreciated by the TEAM.




~Kathy Dougherty


P.S. Below is a list of Truck Drivers, Chaffeurs, and Player groups for the mulch delivery......




Ron Flowers

Gary Sheriff

Flowers, Sheriff, Bennett, Smith

Scott Timmerman

Sue Sustarsic & Pete Polanski

Timmerman, Sustarsic, Warren, Haws

Polanski, Jo. Altfater, Carro, Kim

Rick Nelson

Ron Culp

Nelson, Culp, Hauge, Dougherty

Rick Wetzel

Marilyn Okura & Brenda Schnese

Wetzel, Wetzel, Okura, Anderson

Schnese, Kawczak, Ready

Bill Becker

John ONan

ONan, Ford, Brown, Gage

Tim Mitchell

Jean Marotta

Mitchell, Marotta, Mojzer, Nagel

Tim Springer

Lisa Brusadine

Springer, Brusadine, Strine, Murphy

Bob Gellenbeck

Carey Shuett

Je. Altfater, Pitt, Bonfini, Phillips

Ken Tamms

Chris Forgy

Tamms, Forgy, Burton, Parris

Darby Darbyshire

Susan Darbyshire

Darbyshire, Corotola, Nicely, Gamarath

Rick Scheetz

Cindy Scheetz

Scheetz, Scheetz, Matrka, Richards

Ken Kristen

Jane Kristen

Kristen, Cupp, Kerpsack, Witwer, Carr

Liz Essig

Dennis Bowdy (8-11) Doug Witwer(11-Finish)

Bowdy, Ruhl, Chadwell, Carr                 All Juniors

Jon Ewert

Pat LaMonica

All Seniors